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Deformation monitoring using radar

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Activity: Earth observation

Disciplines: Maps, remote sensing and artificial intelligence

Synthetic Aperture Radar, (SAR) technology is based on the observation of the terrestrial surface using retro-dispersed signals in microwave spectrum band.

Owing to the phase differences between several acquisitions, we are able to detect millimetric deformations on the ground or in infrastructures.


Service developed by COTESA with The aim of monitoring of surface deformation on the ground and applied to the control of infrastructures


  • Monitoring of major surface areas or infrastructures at low cost.
  • Determining of land movements on a millimetric scale.
    • Study into inter-seismic deformations in tectonically active regions.
    • Risk assessment of landslides on slopes.

    Success story


    Determination of geological risks associated with ground deformation through the use of radar imaging (Sentinel-1) in the high-voltage lines environment in Chile.

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