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Generation of Building Footprints

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Sector: Cities and territories

Activity: Earth observation

Disciplines: Maps, remote sensing and artificial intelligence

COTESA has devised a set of in-house algorithms that comprise a complete methodology for the obtaining of Building Footprints derived from very-high resolution images (VHR) from sensors such as WorldView or generated by COTESA through Sentinel-2 super-resolution images.


Service developed by COTESA with the aim of detecting the surface area occupied by buildings (Building Footprints)

Automatic detection

Validated in different European countries throughout the BBHM project

Alongside the algorithm for the Detection of Changes, it allows for the generation of mapping changes to buildings

The product obtained is a raster or vectorial file displaying the buildings detected


  • The detection process is automatic and accurate.
  • Generation of urban mapping in countries that do not have a database in this regard (cadastre, topographical databases etc…)
  • It allows for the study into shifts produced in the buildings.

Success story


Product: ‘Copernicus Building Block Height Model Urban Atlas (BBHM)’ led by the European Space Agency (ESA), carried out from October 2020 until December 2021.

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Aurelio García Rochera

Director del Área de AGEO (Análisis Geoespacial y Observación de la Tierra)